Cover Coats

T 770 Colorless Cover Coat

T 771 Yellow Cover Coat

T 772 Pink Cover Coat


T770 is a flowing transfer lack specifically designed for indirect screen-printing process with excellent flexibility and printing properties.


Polyester mesh size of 24-30 is recommended.


The history began when Musa Teke started working as an employee in the glass sector in 1961. The pioneering entrepreneur soon after began trading glass colors. Building decades of experience Teka Color (former Teka Serigrafi) was founded in 1986.
Since then, we turn our passion for glass into dedication for service of our products offering wide range of products and solutions.
Today Teka Color is at the core of Teka Group; whose business areas are manufacturing handmade glass, chemicals and enamels for glass & ceramics.
Mr. Teke’s legacy in the organization continues to be recognized with a strong sense of social responsibility. Maintaining its founder’s values Teka Color continues to grow with an entrepreneurial spirit.