T-90000 Series High Melting

TKC-90000 Series, On-glaze Colors for Porcelain
Resistant, Pb Cd Containing

This product range offers lead containing on-glaze colors for third firing process that are dishwasher safe. The colors of this range have exceptional glossy and opaque appearance.

Cadmium containing colors are indicated.


Color Mixing

This product range is generally intermixable however intermixing cadmium containing and non-containing colors are not recommended.

Cadmium containing colors are fully mixable with each other at any range.

TKC-90005 mixing white can be added to non-cadmium containing colors to obtain pastel shades; however, trials must be done before mass production to ensure full compatibility.

TKC-90018 Rose Pink, TKC-90019 True Lilac, TKC-90020 Deep Purple are gold containing colors and fully mixable with each other. Intermixing with other group possible but limited, therefore trials must be done before mass production to ensure full compatibility.

TKC-90016 Iron Red can be mixed with non-Cd containing colors, but the mixture should have minimum 50% of iron containing colors.

Pantone Codes are for reference only, color shades may vary due to firing conditions and the composition of the glaze.


Firing Range

780-850 °C on Porcelain, Stoneware, Bone China, 3-10 hours



The products of this range are in powder form and can be mixed with different media for required application e.g., spraying, brushing, machine banding, direct or indirect screen-printing. Please refer to “Auxiliaries” section to select proper media.

It is recommended that the surface should be at ambient temperature and completely clean and dry before decoration. 

Spraying, Brushing, Machine Banding

The fired thickness of the film must be between 15-20 µm to ensure glossiness and opaqueness and the film layer must be as even as possible.

Direct / Indirect Screen-Printing

Cadmium Containing Colors

Polyester mesh, size 73-90 / cm is recommended.

Gold Containing Colors

Polyester mesh, size 120-140 / cm is recommended.

Rest of the Colors

Polyester mesh, size 73-120 / cm is recommended.


TKC-90000 Colorless Flux  
TKC-90001 Metallic Silver  
TKC-90002 Metallic Gold  
TKC-90003 Cadmium Yellow Pantone 116 C 
TKC-90004 Cobalt Blue Pantone Blue 072 C 
TKC-90005 Mixing White  
TKC-90006 Black Pantone Black 6 C
TKC-90007 White Pantone White 000 C
TKC-90008 Cadmium Orange Pantone Orange 021 C 
TKC-90009 Cadmium Red Pantone 485 C 
TKC-90010 Cadmium Crimson Pantone 3546 C
TKC-90011 Lemon Yellow Pantone Yellow C
TKC-90012 Green Pantone 2426 C
TKC-90013 Leaf Green Pantone 2465 C
TKC-90014 Brown Pantone 2472 C
TKC-90015 Ocker Pantone 7511 C
TKC-90016 Iron Red Pantone 174 C
TKC-90017 Turquoise Pantone 327 C
TKC-90018 Rose Pink Pantone 2044 C
TKC-90019 True Lilac Pantone 507 C
TKC-90020 Deep Purple Pantone 7648 C
TKC-90021 Grey Pantone Cool Gray 8 C
TKC-90022 Sky Blue Pantone 2727 C


The history began when Musa Teke started working as an employee in the glass sector in 1961. The pioneering entrepreneur soon after began trading glass colors. Building decades of experience Teka Color (former Teka Serigrafi) was founded in 1986.
Since then, we turn our passion for glass into dedication for service of our products offering wide range of products and solutions.
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