TKS-25000 Series Water Based Organic

TKS-25000 Series, Water Based Organic Colors, Opaque for Brushing & Spray Painting


Color Mixing

Fully intermixable, an infinite variety of color shades can be achieved by mixing. Customized color shades are supplied upon request.

Pantone Codes are for reference only, color shades may vary due to applying and firing conditions.



The products of this range are in liquid form therefore only suitable for spraying and brushing. It is recommended that the glass should be at ambient temperature and completely clean and dry before decoration.


Pigments should be added to the lack between 20%-10% based on the desired color intensity.

TKS-24000 Colorless Lack or TKS26000 Colorless Matte Lack: 80-90%

Desired pigment color/s: 20-10%


Firing Range

180 °C – 20 mins

200 ° C – 10 mins


Color Shades

TKS-24000 Colorless Lack  
TKS-26000 Colorless Matte Lack  
TKS-25001 White Paste Pantone White 000 C
TKS-25002 Yellow Paste Pantone Yellow 012 C
TKS-25003 Orange Paste Pantone Orange 021 C
TKS-25004 Red Paste Pantone Bright Red C
TKS-25005 Green Paste Pantone 555 C
TKS-25006 Blue Paste Pantone Dark Blue C
TKS-25007 Magenta Paste Pantone Process Magenta C
TKS-25008 Purple Paste Pantone Medium Purple C
TKS-25009 Brown Paste Pantone 1405 C
TKS-25010 Black Paste Pantone Black 6 C



The history began when Musa Teke started working as an employee in the glass sector in 1961. The pioneering entrepreneur soon after began trading glass colors. Building decades of experience Teka Color (former Teka Serigrafi) was founded in 1986.
Since then, we turn our passion for glass into dedication for service of our products offering wide range of products and solutions.
Today Teka Color is at the core of Teka Group; whose business areas are manufacturing handmade glass, chemicals and enamels for glass & ceramics.
Mr. Teke’s legacy in the organization continues to be recognized with a strong sense of social responsibility. Maintaining its founder’s values Teka Color continues to grow with an entrepreneurial spirit.